One Park Place

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Family Environmental provided environmental support and oversight for the Former BMA Office Tower (BMA), now called One Park Place.  One Park Place is a 19 story, 480,000 sq. ft. building located south of downtown Kansas City.  This building is a historic structure composed of steel beams with no load bearing walls. The fireproofing originally in the building was 90% Amosite asbestos and was spray applied on every steel beam throughout the structure. Other asbestos containing materials (ACM) were also found within the building, including pipe fittings, floor tile, and mastic. Family Environmental worked closely with the abatement contractor on several pilot studies, which were introduced to suppress fiber release into the building. Once the pilot studies were completed, it was determined that additional environmental engineering controls were needed to combat the asbestos fireproofing throughout the building. Family Environmental recommended that the abatement contractor have additional negative air machines and air locks located on every floor. Family Environmental quickly realized that due to the nature of the fire proofing, this building and its components were massively contaminated. At the same time, Family Environmental learned that the ambient air remained at an acceptable level. This created a unique situation for the building.

OSHA required air monitoring results dictated the type of respiratory protection that the workers were required to wear. Due to the high counts of asbestos fibers in the air, the workers were required to wear supplied-air respirators. Two 12-men crews had limited mobility and low production rates while abating the fireproofing because of the time restraints that occurred while using the supplied-air system. Workers were only allowed to stay in the supplied-air system for a short period of time because of lung stress and heat-related illnesses.

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Additionally, Family Environmental conducted outside area sampling in all clean-rooms and at all stairwell barriers during both the day and night shifts. Family Environmental wanted to be absolutely certain that no fibers were released into the interior of the building and that all workers were properly decontaminating. Family Environmental also conducted OSHA air sampling on 25% of the workers, in order to determine their exposure to asbestos fibers (if any) and to ensure that the proper respiratory protection was being worn at all times.

This building was a triumph for Family Environmental. It has been in many environmental journals and magazines, due in large part to the known asbestos threat and the engineering feat undertaken to abate the historic structure. Furthermore, many have argued that this building was the most asbestos-contaminated structure in the entire United States. 

Family Environmental acted as the Owner’s Representative and conducted the following activities:

·         Designed the asbestos abatement project,

·         Developed the bidding package for contractor’s proposing on the project,

·         Provided bid support services,

·         Provided project management,

·         Abatement contractor oversight,

·         Required third-party air monitoring during abatement activities,

·         Provided final air clearance air monitoring, and

·         Project closeout documentation.



 One Park Place

700 West 31st Street

Kansas City, MO 64108