Brownfields Redevelopment

Family Environmental assists clients in site characterization in order to determine potential contamination, including the concentration and extent as well as the feasibility and cost of alternative remediation measures.

Real Estate Developers 

We consult real estate developers that are working with environmentally sensitive properties, including sites and facilities with hazardous waste components. We provide individualized and turn-key project plans from preliminary due diligence (Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments)  through Voluntary Clean Up Program completion (VCUP).  

Key clients include:  Alliance Residential Company, Park Hill Development, Westfield Development, and Trammel Crow Company.

Industrial Companies

We work with industrial and commercial clients to identify operations that are subject to regulation. We perform testing and develop plans for on-going compliance and provide assistance in obtaining necessary permits and establishing appropriate record-keeping and reporting systems.  We also perform facility surveys for contamination prior to demolition and re-development, assist industrial companies in developing comprehensive employee health monitoring and training programs, and conduct periodic environmental audits of their facilities to ensure compliance. 


Environmental remediation is the process of eliminating, reducing or containing environmental contaminants.  It may consist of treating, isolating or stabilizing contaminated media on site, or excavating and removing it to an approved facility for disposal or treatment.  On-site remediation methods are increasingly favored by regulatory authorities, because they eliminate the client's liability for transport and off-site disposal of waste materials.  Family Environmental performs the technical oversight and documentation of all aspects of on site remediation.  Where impacted media must be removed from the site, we provide guidance for waste characterization and disposal procedures.   Through proper oversight and management of remediation activity, Family Environmental can then assist the property owner in obtaining a No Further Action (NFA) or a No Action Determination (NAD) for the property.

Waste Management

We provide project management assistance on assignments where the chosen remedial alternative is removal, off-site treatment, and disposal of the hazardous or contaminated materials.  Such projects may involve excavation, transport and disposal of contaminated soil, re-containerizing drums or removal of asbestos on or in structures.  In this capacity, the services include assistance in selecting and estimating the cost of the required measures, assistance in selecting vendors for all phases of work (from excavation/demolition to transport and final disposal of the removed materials at a licensed landfill or other appropriate facility), coordinating project operations and verifying contractor performance.

We have managed projects, as well as provided technical oversight and implementation for the following activities:
•    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act permitting activities
•    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Section 106 emergency response
•    Health and Safety
•    Transportation and Disposal
•    Asbestos abatement
•    PCB contamination
•    Regulatory compliance [EPA, Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), OSHA]